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Devicepros Test Automation
Smart, lightweight, fast, and effective. Enables testing at all stages of the
product development lifecycle. A powerful and flexible solution for automated testing.
How the Devicepros Automation Framework
Can Work for You?
With vertical integration in mind, our tool provides customization, seamless execution, and collaboration between QA
engineers and developers at all stages of the development process.
Test Planning
Define testing projects from high level Qual Cycles to specific Test Plans and Test Cases
Failure Analysis
Developer oriented. Triage quickly with failure mode grouping. See if a failure correlates to product attributes or configuration parameters. Analyze multiple log files and other artifact sets for trends. Crash dump analytics. Remote access to targets for interactive debugger access.
Lab Management
Manage Test Systems, Peripherals, DUTs, Tools Operating Systems, Libraries
Any Scripting Language
Whether you prefer to write tests with Python, Perl or compile native code, the lightweight Test Runner will fit your needs.
Integrate with your Issue Tracking, CI tools, Version Control and Requirements Management
All Major Operating Systems
Platform independant versatile Test Runner works on all major Operating Systems
Customizable Dashboard
Every team member has its own needs. Keeping that in mind, we give you the freedom to set up your own custom dashboard and see the only the features that are most important to you.
Expertise with 3rd Parties Tools
Ability to add new tools is part of the strength of Devicepros Automation Framework
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We deliver high impact automation and integration
We tailor tools and software that fit your needs
We help you stay focused on achieving your goals, satisfying project objectives and increase ROI
Our dashboards are customized to clients requirement and are used from project engineering thru board room
We deliver high quality software solutions by leveraging global best practices
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