Product Plan

Whether you have your own MFi development license or not, the first step is to get an approved product plan and we can help guide you through that process and submit a plan on your behalf.

There are many decisions that need to be made before submitting a product plan to Apple for review. But, as long as the product plan is in line with MFi technical requirements, the approval process is usually quick.

Once a Product Plan is approved, development can begin.






Made for iPod

We have extensive experience delivering commercial products and we are licensed by Apple to manufacture Made For iPod logo products.

See Apple's list of MFi Manufacturing Licensees



and Prototyping

An approved product plan unlocks access to the sample parts such as lightning connectors, authentication coprocessors and reference designs from a variety of chip vendors who partner with Apple.

This stage usually starts with protype boards, early firmware and app development. Prototyping is an iterative process that initially serves as proof of concept and evolves through 'works like' to 'works like and looks like' prototypes that include a full set of industrial design enclosure elements.






Test and Mass Production

As prototypes evolve into design verification (DVT) samples with the full feature set and performance, it is time to perform the self test process.

Following successful self tests, a few production quality samples are submitted to independent labs for approvals.

The last step is approval of packaging designs and then mass production can begin!

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