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Bring us in while the concept is still forming. We can help investigate technical options, evaluate feasibility and cost tradeoffs. We can develop mock ups and working prototypes as well as human factors studies and various other heuristic and experimental approaches.


Power and performance optimization are critical for most products and require a resourceful and creative team that can draw on past experience to overcome the challenges that inevitably are encountered. This is where the full potential of the design is realized and polished.


Most projects with any significant complexity are going to need a team with very particular expertise and experience and more than likely this means cooperation between multiple companies in multiple countries. We can help with choosing the right partners to optimize engineering costs, materials cost, manufacturing cost, quality and time to market. Dealing with language, culture and time zone challenges is par for the course.


Once the requirements are nailed down and the team is in place, it is time to get it done. When there has been a solid round of prototyping and refinement of the requirements, design and development follow naturally and rapidly. We provide engineering teams with the right experience to turn plans and prototypes into commercially viable products.

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